3 Ways Technology Supports the Mission of the Church

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December 20, 2018
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Technology has so many advantages. There are countless ways it can support the message of the church and influence people on a global scale. Here four different ways technology can enable the church to spread the Gospel.

Technology continues to find new ways to increase efficiency in your life, and of course, your spiritual habits should be no exception. With new and more innovative technological tools, your church going experience can be enhanced and even completely transformed. You can find new exciting ways to express your faith and your beliefs, find friends and connect in your united sense of spirituality and passion for God. Technology enables all of this. It can help you, your pastor and your community.

1. Technology Enables Communication

Apps like Facebook and Twitter allow people to easily communicate with the church. It is also an efficient way for the church to post weekly blogs, updates and inspirational messages to potentially millions of people at once. Congregants can also share posts and even entice beyond known church communities. By the same token, congregants can reach out to the church, this can, in turn, strengthen the relationships between church-goers and pastors, making it a more personal experience.

2. Technology Forms Community 

The beauty of technology is that it does not require any proximity and it can create communities that exist outside physical spaces. With the help of technology, two people who sit next to each other in a church session and never actually speak to each other in person may be inclined to start a conversation online. Social media fosters communication, bringing like-minded people together. This is the foundation of community. With communities, church groups are strengthened and can enjoy a common space both online and offline

3. Technology Allows Discipleship

New mobile apps have amazing features and there are new versions and variations that are constantly being released. People can access online sermons in case they have missed them, use iPads and iPhones to take notes, record and plan to enhance their discipleship experience at church. There are also many different kinds of church and faith-based related apps that further enhance the experience. These apps encourage prayer, track sermons, create schedules and even encourage you with inspirational texts.

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