4 Ways Technology Can Transform Your Church Experience

October 21, 2018
3 min read
For any practicing Christian, the heart of worship lies in the church. In this holy sanctuary we connect to God, this is central to religious and spiritual devotion, yet another aspect, no less important, is about being connected to our community.

The community is a core group of people with whom we connect and share our experiences. It supports us and that give us that added sense of faith. Having a sense of community gives us so many advantages. Staying connected to them involves meetings, sermons, charity events, parties and more. Technology gives us so many devices and platforms to truly connect and engage with the people in our community, in the best way possible. It allows us to spread our message, foster relationships, and all in all, build more intimate and long-lasting bonds with our members of community. To take advantage of this as best as possible, we have put together a list of 4 simple ways churches can best apply the use of technology, for the benefit of their communities.

1. Make a Website and Use Social media

Websites can create a hub for you church. It can contain all the necessary information for churches. Contact details, fundraisers, updates and schedules and much more. Once you have a website, you can create a social media page and link the two. You can link your website to Facebook, Twitter Kingschat and Instagram. These allow you to feed all the latest information to your social platforms, simultaneously informing and engaging with your community. Visual content, texts and images also help cultivate sense of community among people.

2. Presentations and Live-streams

Attending sermons these days does not have to be limited to a physical space. With online presentations and live-stream pastors church leaders can reach an even wider audience People can now use visually and aesthetically pleasing presentations to make their sermons more engaging. This can also promote and draw more people into future church sermons. This can be done across all social media platforms, there are some even geared specifically for Christians.

3. Smart Learning

Churches can expand their influence and improve their institutions by offering online bible courses or classes for bible studies to their communities. With tablets and smartphones, people can have access to more information and knowledge whenever they want. This not only involves more people in your church, but also is a wonderful tool to educate people who may be uninformed about your church and community. Create webinars on YouTube, Ceflix and countless other platforms.


4. Online Charities

A huge aspect of the Christian experience is about charities and the act of giving. Churches can create apps that allow people to donate and perform online transactions. This feature can increase contributions and efficiency. There are also various attachments like card readers available for smartphones that can facilitates single and multiple transactions. It is important to acknowledge how mobile phones can impact your church.

With these 4 easy steps, you can instantly improve communication in your community. Start creating your platforms today.

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