Daily news and updates on technology lovers dedicated to Christianity. Good Christian Chat gives you the lowdown on the fast-evolving digital spiritual world.

Ignacio, Claire and myself (Ben) met one another on an interactive bible study course in 2012. Since then we have gone from the virtual classroom, to monthly meetups and recently even embarked on a trip to Jerusalem together! After a long back and forth, we decided to take all our passions; Jesus, the world of tech, communication and spiritualty, and pack it all into one single blog. Thus, Good Christian Chat was born!

Who Are We?

Ben Brickman
Ben Brickman is a retired real estate attorney, pastor and lover of obscure technological gadgets. Though Ben is retired, he is currently pursuing a course in coding. He is also the blog's official digital manager. Catch up with him @kp.narhi
Ignacio Floyd
Ignacio Floyd is an aspiring fantasy novelist. His two favourite books are the bible and The Lord of the Rings. Floyd is a writer, teacher and dreamer. His wish is to inspire those to join him on the righteous path. Follow him at @inspire_others3
Claire Weaver
Claire Weaver is a student in digital marketing and social media whiz. This young blogger wishes Jesus was on twitter. You can follow this Georgian peach @sunshinespiritt

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