The Most Relevant Christian Meditation App Today: Soultime

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August 29, 2019
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Here at Good Christian Chat, we are keen on finding all the best Christian apps you, your friends, and your family must download. We introduce to you the most raved about meditation app of its kind: Soultime. The Soultime app guides every Christian into a deep meditation, helping users achieve spiritual connectedness in a stressful and disconnected world.

How is it that our world becomes increasingly more connected through the rise of online social networking, yet individuals are feeling less connected to themselves and the sense of security, acceptance, value and trust? Soultime provides a modern and easy-to-use way of having an authentic spiritual connection within oneself, creating more space for authentic connection with others. The team at Soultime believes that with experiencing a good connection in our own spirits, we then are able to experience business without stress, stretching without anxiety and true peace when the greatest storms come.

With much research and understanding in the fields of spiritual, mental and physical wellness – the Soultime team has identified the current generation of Christian millennials to experience problems such as insomnia, depression and sickness. According to the Soultime website, more than one in three people do not get enough sleep, more than three quarters of people experience physical symptoms caused by stress and nearly one in five people is significantly affected by anxiety.

Soultime is so much more than just a meditation app. When you download Soultime, you instantly gain access to endless videos, music and scripture-based content all compiled into one place for you by the incredible Soultime team. Soultime sends you daily suggestions for your meditation, and tons of resources to dwell on that bring you into closer connection with yourself – causing the greatest unity with God.

The coolest thing about Soultime is the feature that sets it apart from so many other Christian meditation apps you see out there today. With the ‘Check-Up’ feature in the Soultime app, you can complete a questionnaire about emotional and spiritual state and the application will then create personalized meditation tracks and courses just for you. You can then track yourself as you grow in deeper connection with God, yourself, and those around you.

“A beautiful, quiet and accessible way of drawing closer to God” – The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

Soultime is taking the lead in Christian meditation apps. If you feel that you are lacking in connectedness, take the quiz and discover your spiritual DNA and what you need in order to truly feed your soul. Download the app from the Apple Store here, or the Google Play Store here. 

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