The Healing School – Summer Session (Online Prayer Conference)

The time is almost here for the 2019 Healing School Summer Session in Canada, with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome! If you are new to Good Christian Chat and have yet to hear about this life-changing and supernatural event before, stick around and read on! Every year, the healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc, D.D.) takes…

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Quarantine invites us to stay home to keep everyone safe from #Coronavirus, and technology, more than ever, became our only option to communicate. It's a tool that allows us to connect to work, study, or simply to accompany us day by day, even if it's at a distance.

Many systems and applications allow us to communicate online, so let's take this moment as a new opportunity to communicate with people in your community, your friends and your family. You can share with them everything you want. Technology connects us in a new way, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of it!
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During tough times, you can also be creative and take advantage of the technology that you have. A teenager, William Gibson (17), who wants to fight the spread of the #Coronavirus has created an online tool that pairs song lyrics with hand-washing posters, as the World Health Organization has recommended people to wash their hands for 20 seconds, to protect themselves against the virus.

With a lot of platforms endorsing his website and celebrities like Miley Cyrus and companies like Mc Donald's, #WashYourLyrics is the funniest way to wash your hands. Read more about this incredible site and start using it!
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