How to Protect Your Personal Data on Social Media Platforms

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August 11, 2020
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Following the unprecedented success of the KingsChat-CeFlix Social Media Week, LoveWorld is offering a catch up on all lectures, keynote addresses, product spotlights and many more educational topics. This is a unique opportunity to hear leaders in their field in the social media industry. The offer is available on demand till Friday 15th of August, where various topics have been covered in depth including, how to protect your personal data.

What is Your Personal Data?

This is a collection of any information related to identifying an individual. Our online personal data is composed of many things including our basic information like name, age and gender. When you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, that is generic or bio-metric data. Social Media posts include everything you share, like or comment on over all the social media platforms that you use. The internet is able to collect your information from all technology devices, including maps, calendars and banking information and even search engine platforms like google, yahoo and others.

You Are a Hot Commodity

Personal data is very valuable in today’s society where companies collect and store your information for various uses like advertising, marketing or propaganda. Information is valuable and technology has changed our lives, but we need to be smart about the way we use our personal information on all platforms.

Will “Big Brother” Always Be Watching?

Although there are laws to protect us and our identity, many of them were written before the technology we have today.  Most reputable social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn require users to agree to a terms of service agreement before registering an account, the agreement usually secures the companies a broad license to use anything users post to their platforms.

Every time you visit a website, enter your credit card information or post on a social platform, store images in cloud storage or give out your email address, you are releasing personal information to the Internet. If you use a smartphone, even more of your data could be compromised. Quite honestly, there are not many ways in which a consumer can protect their own personal information, unless they are completely “off the grid“.

Safety Tips

  • Keep your personal information private
  • Set strict privacy settings
  • Know your friends and connections
  • Always log out of your Social Media
  • Use strong passwords
  • Set up security answers
  • Don’t tag or post your specific location
  • Use an Internet security software
  • Shut down accounts
  • Don’t use your social profiles to log into other websites
  • Regularly check your mailbox
  • Accept Cookies or not?
  • Add two-factor authentication
  • Pay attention to your online activity.
  • Remember the important tips when using Social Media platforms.
  • Be conscious when posting information.
  • Think twice before accepting anything online.
  • Use your best judgement and stay vigilant.
  • Use the LoveWorld Apps and sites to have a better experience.

Social Media Apps and Websites Where You Can Feel Safe

If you are looking for an amazing experience online, but you want to feel safe and secure that your data is not being spread everywhere. You can start using the apps and websites from the LoveWorld community. You will find social platforms, news websites, prayer apps, and much more. KingsChat and Ceflix, are the two platforms behind the Social Media Week and are both very popular in the LoveWorld Community. They offer a variety of applications and are a safe haven for all users.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and catch up on a variety of interesting and informative topics on till this Friday, August 15th.  #Kccsmw2020catchup #LoveWorldNews #PastorChrislive

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