Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Technology

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June 17, 2020
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At Good Christian Chat we highlight the latest info on Christian apps and technology that bring you closer to God’s community. We are always looking for innovative and creative new ideas.

In the Midst of Devastation, There is an Opportunity for Innovation

We live in a rapidly increasing digital age. The challenge for Christian leaders is bridging the growing gap between faith and technology. The Church is not known for technology use and innovation. COVID-19 has forced Pastors into the corner to sort out how they will leverage technology to be the church, to disciple, baptize, partake in communion, share the gospel, and be with one another. Technology is shaping our culture like never before.

A Brief History of Science and Religion

Historically, the foundations of modern science are found in the Judeo-Christian tradition, beginning with the Old Testament and its emphasis on an orderly, rational, and contingent world. In the New Testament the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ underscore the openness of matter to spirit and the presence of God in creation. Creation was considered to be the first book of God’s self revelation, followed by Scripture.  Science was necessary for theology because a mistake about creation could lead to a mistake about God. The Bible is not a science textbook that contains raw scientific truths but reveals insights to the mystery of God. The Christian faith contains deep truths with philosophical consequences that make conceivable the mind’s exploration of nature, including the human’s place in creation, the revealing nature of God, and the ways in which God freely creates. FaithTech founder, James Kelly, shares his views on combining faith and tech in our organizations and lives.


“In order for the local church to make an impact on our cities and be a catalyst for change within them, we must innovate.” James Kelly, FaithTech founder

FaithTech is pioneering a new way to share the good news about Jesus in a new era driven by technology, sharing their vision to become a global hub for FaithTech conversations, integrations and innovations, by empowering emerging leaders, hosting innovative events and building gospel-centered companies (LABS).

FaithTech began to bring together Christians with a heart for Jesus, and a mind for technology to facilitate Kingdom-minded collaboration with tangible results; to begin bridging the gap between faith and technology. It originated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, which is one of the brightest tech hubs in the world. With the second highest startup density, next only to Silicon Valley, the Waterloo region is one of the fastest growing tech ecosystems. James recalls that he was continually discovering that people in technology were struggling to see how they can use their tech-base gifts for God’s kingdom. This led to a need to discover how to convert an innovative and creative community to leverage technology to create Kingdom-minded solutions to real world problems. How do you achieve synergy between this emerging tech community and the aging local church? There are so many opportunities that could exist if faith and technology could collaborate. And so emerged FaithTech Labs, a community of creatives that meet regularly to build projects that benefit the Kingdom of God. FaithTech Labs started launching Gatherings of Christians at tech companies and immediately saw the benefits of the bridges forming. It offers a home for passionate volunteer developers (web, app, systems), tech leaders, creative thinkers, startup founders, ministry leaders, and pastors.  FaithTech Labs assist technology pioneers in developing their ideas and supports them with resources and experienced mentors. They offer assistance to existing organizations from discovery to launch and anywhere in between.

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