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January 19, 2020
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In this age of constant online activity, Christian parents are looking divided on the question of internet usage. Young children will need to be computer literate in order to be a part of today’s global society. As parents, we want to provide our children with wholesome entertainment. There are many websites and apps marketed to Christians so your children don’t feel that they are missing out. Some sites even enhance the values we foster at home.

Simple online fun

Take the Bible activities zone as an example. It is a free non-denominational site that has fun games culled from the Bible. The games are familiar and are marketed at the 3-11-year-old age range. You can do jigsaws with Bible scenes or crosswords referencing Biblical places.

You can engage with your child or let them explore this site alone. There are mazes to play with, and pictures to color and engage your younger children. There are also words to unscramble catering for older children. It is simple and easy to use.

A deeper knowledge through games

The many parts available in this online gaming experience

Many Christians home educate their children and certainly, Christian homes will support the values taught at school. In the adventure Bible, there is another fun, safe and free website for your family. It says it is” one that will spark their imaginations and kindle their love for God.”

This site has more interactive games and quizzes.  In that section, there are many fun activities to reinforce their knowledge of Bible verses. At Good Christian Chat we really enjoyed exploring the maps of the Bible.

As this site is used in schools they may be using it already. Teachers can register a class and track their progress. You don’t have to be registered to even to play the games. It might be wise to explore free family resources, including Bible reading plans,  scripture memory cards, and devotionals.

Now technology is teaching us

A whole online interactive experience

According to its website, Lightgliders was “created to provide a safe, positive alternative for kids’ digital gameplay and screen time that can be used to encourage transformational conversations during the critical pre-teenage years.”

Lightgliders is a multiplayer app that has games and puzzles to delight players. It is a parable based experience designed to reinforce the fundamental values we share and shaping young lives as many young people do connect via devices.

The morality and outlook of children are carefully nurtured. This app sparks the need for conversations. These will greatly impact players. It is a fun way to encourage thought and discussion about the biblical perspective. It shows that the Bible answers life’s most important questions, and reaffirms positive values.

After a week’s free trial players must subscribe to this game. Many games these days are subscriber-only and Lightgliders is both competitive and affordable.

There is no price too high for our children’s education and development. Parents want the best for their precious children. Providing them with quality games and showing them the way to communicate is upon each one of us. We all take care to nurture young minds to respect themselves and each other. This is what we look for in our Christian life whether in person or online.

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