Guide to Writing a Research Paper

January 11, 2021
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Research Paper Writing Architecture

A research paper follows a specific structure that depends on several factors. Before you begin writing your academic paper, it is crucial to understand the specific college movie review sections that need to be included. It is best to create an outline before you start penning your paper. An overview acts as a roadmap that guides you on what needs to be included in the research paper. Understanding the different sections that go into a research paper helps you make an informed decision on which information to focus your write-up on.

Writing the Introduction

It would help if you captured the audiences’ attention from the start of your research paper. The first part of the piece should provide an overview of the topic you are handling. It could offer a perspective on the importance of the work you need to compile. Additionally, you should provide a clear hypothesis that clearly states what you intend to cover in the research paper. Although this part is not the central section of the paper, it must contain the introductory part of your work. The first part should introduce the readers to the subject and provide a clear direction for the entire piece.

Writing the Literature Review

A research paper should be significantly informative. Consequently, you need to create a comprehensive literature review that gives an account of the previous studies on the subject. Ideally, your paper should delve into the theories that underline your writing. Moreover, the literature review should track the development of your topic through several publications. This part of the research paper should comprehensively survey different perspectives on the research problem.

Writing the Methodology Section of the Research Paper

The methodology section should delve into the tools and techniques that you will use to conduct your research. Creating a workable plan for your research is essential. It helps you to stick to the desired time frame while allowing you to collect the necessary data. You need to explain in detail the specific methods you will use to collect your data. Include details of how the methods will be set up. Moreover, you need to justify why you prefer the specific methods while others might be more suitable.

The Findings Section of the Research Paper

The work that you do as a student should have a positive impact on the society. Consequently, the research paper should demonstrate how your findings are meaningful to the readers. You need to tell the readers about the exciting discoveries you made in your study. Additionally, the research paper should discuss how your study will contribute to the academic field.

The Conclusion of the Research Paper

The end of your research paper should provide a firm response to the research problem you had set out to address. The conclusion should synthesize all the key points of your paper. It should reiterate the thesis statement while also providing a catharsis for the entire write-up. You should avoid adding new information in the conclusion.

In summary, the research paper structure is not as complicated as it may seem. Some students make the mistake of assuming this section and other parts are mandatory. On the contrary, your research paper should have a personalized approach to meet the expectations of your instructor. Thus, ensure that you include all the necessary sections in your write-up.

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