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February 18, 2020
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UNESCO called on all nations to celebrate World Radio Day through a partnership involving all broadcasting associations both government-owned, private and non-governmental organizations. There should be activities that cut across boundaries.

Radio is a mass communication tool that is often the only form of media to penetrate outlying communities. Despite advances in technology radio is still considered the most important and portable information medium. Its simple affordability means that more households have a radio than any other medium. Since Trevor Bayliss invented the wind-up radio its popularity grew. This radio has the technology to store the power created by winding a crank thereby removing the need for batteries.

It also transcends barriers

The theme of the 14th edition of World Radio Day is “Radio and Diversity.” It is a truly diverse medium. There are multiple channels in thousands of languages, and this is a cause for celebration. It has united nations as important historic events have been broadcast to nations or even across the globe. It reaches so many people with the spoken word. With literacy rates high in certain parts of the developing world radio is the best way to unify the people.

Online radio

LoveWorld Radio

LoveWorld Radio is an internet-based Christian radio station at the forefront of Christian programming in Africa, Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. It unites the Christian community through broadcast programming. They aim to provide life-changing, informative and highly inspiring motivational programs to a broad audience.

Since its inception in Nigeria, people have been getting excited about the message of the Gospel. They can understand the Gospel as the  Man of God ‘s sermons have been translated into 10 local languages making it even more impactful and relevant.

Private radio

Klove Radio is a premier religious broadcasting corporation in the USA. There are multiple channels and K-LOVE has a full-time ministry team that processes over 100 phone calls a day from listeners seeking guidance. According to the ministry, the pastors and staff at K-LOVE pray for over 1,000 prayer requests every day.

National radio that is international

The BBC has many different religious programs ranging from worship segments to debate. Thought for Today is a short pick up a segment featuring the religious meditation of many respected theologians.

The BBC is the UK’s national station, but the World Service broadcasts across the globe. It is available in English and 40 other languages. The BBC is respected for its impartial news coverage and its insightful magazine shows. Heart and Soul is a religious show that debates topics affecting religious communities across the globe.


Using the radio to target audiences needs

Reaching out across the airwaves

In Greenland, the GYLF ambassador Gem Akitsi saturated the radio waves with the Gospel. She carried out a strategic visit to Inuunerup Nipaa (The Sound of Life) radio station in celebration of World Radio Day where she preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a wide range of listeners in 12 cities in her nation. She encouraged every young person listening to sign up to the GYLF as she explained their vision.  She brought signs and seasons of healing and prosperity to the homes of thousands of people listening to her from 12 different cities – such is the power of radio. Praise God!

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