Top 3 MUST SEE Christian Films Out This Year!

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June 30, 2019
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When true godliness is put on display in the media, gathering your family around the television for a movie night can be refreshing and uplifting. For too long, parents have been left with no choice but to turn the television off in hopes to protect their children’s innocence.

2019 has been a huge year in Christian filmmaking and entertainment. From Christian gospel artists like Tori Kelly and Lauren Daigle reaching the top of the BILLBOARDS 100 of all genres to some of the most popular names in television working and acting in faith-based movies – Christian entertainment is on the up and up.


1) XL: The Temptation of Christ

The plot of XL: The Temptation Christ, written by Reed Lackey and directed by Douglas Vail, is the retelling of Jesus’ experience post baptism. After Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit came as a dove, leading him into the Judean desert for prayer, fasting, and growing in intimacy with his Heavenly Father. After 40 days, Jesus has a series of three encounters with Satan: Lust of the Flesh, Pride of Life, and Lust of the Eyes. This powerful story has never been told on the big screen in such depth and detail. XL: The Temptation of Christ not only depicts the suffering and struggles that Jesus faced during His 40 days in the desert but also the reality of Satan. Often times, out of fear, we do not speak about the powerful forces of the enemy and how he tempts and torments. This film looks Satan, the Father of Lies, right in the eyes and shines Christ’s glory through the Word of God as truth. It is the hope and prayer of the producers and creators that people will come to greater knowledge of Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior through this impactful film.

2) The Least of These

An incredible retelling of an even more incredible story! The Least of These is based on the true story of Australian missionary to India, Graham Staines, played by Stephen Baldwin. The movie tells the story from the perspective of journalist Manav Banerjee who took the risk to publish the work of this medical missionary against all laws and authority in the town of Orissa. As Staines continues his work proselytizing leprosy patients and teaching them the healing power of the Holy Spirit, he and Banerjee become trusted friends. Instead of writing against the missionary, Banerjee only shared what is taking place in the town. As the town voluntarily opened their hearts to God, things started to transform.

3) The Islands

Another new film to be released this year is also based on the incredible true-life story of Chiefess Kapiolani who, in Hawaiian history, descended into an active volcano to demonstrate her new-found faith and ushered in a new beginning in Hawaii. Chiefess Kapiolani was an important member of the Hawaiian nobility while the Kingdom of Hawai’i was being founded and Christian missionaries were arriving. ‘The Islands’ is a story about a great leader of the faith that changed the future fate and history of her people for generations. Finally, the whole world can know and celebrate the impactful life of Chiefess Kapiolani.


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