Christian streaming platforms see surge amid pandemic

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July 14, 2020
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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on people all over the world, forcing millions into lockdowns and times of uncertainty.

A lot of the time at home has been spent watching movies and tv series online to such an extent that Netflix had to reduce its streaming quality in Europe in March to prevent the internet from collapsing.

Netflix is not the only streaming platform that has become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also Christian streaming services have seen a surge in the number of streams over the past months.


To begin with, PureFlix was a film production and distribution studio, but over time it has also gotten its own streaming website.

Inspiration through faith and family-friendly tv

PureFlix, which is a Netflix-inspired Evangelical Christian streaming platform, told The Christian Post that it has experienced a 40% increase in memberships since lockdowns started being imposed in March.

“We are in an unprecedented time that has left so many with doubts, concerns and questions. PureFlix believes the family is of critical importance during such uncertainty. So we are working to inspire audiences through faith and family-friendly tv shows, movies, original series and educational programs,” foundering partner of PureFlix, Michael Scott, said to The Christian Post.

“With a massive 40% membership increase during this time, we continue to draw more and more people closer to God and to each other by offering content that strengthens the faith and values of you and your family. We have also given away tens of thousands of memberships to individuals and families in need,” he continued.

rightnow media

RightNow Media is a platform with hundreds of hours of Christian teaching and Bible-related video material for kids.

“We knew we had to act”

VidAngel is another Christian platform that has made it into more family homes in recent months. The service, which filters movies and tv shows for nudity, violence and swearwords, has seen a daily growth rate that has increased 50 times.

VidAngel offered free access to their collection a couple of months ago.

“As soon as we realized that families were going to be stuck at home, we knew we had to act quickly to try to help. I had no idea there would be such an overwhelming response, nor did we ever anticipate that we were at the leading edge of what has become a national movement in which businesses all over the country have jumped in to offer free relief to Americans,” VidAngel’s CEO, Neal Harmon, told The Christian Post.

The Christian streaming platform RightNow Media also offered free trials to its website and saw thousands of new members seizing the opportunity. 10,000 people joined the service in April alone.

One of the newer Christian streaming services is 24 Flix. Since the lockdowns were imposed in March, it has experienced a 38% increase in its overall viewing.

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