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June 7, 2020
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Church presentation software manages and exhibits religious material during congregation gatherings. Church presentation solutions are used by religious leaders to show religious presentations, sermons, curate multimedia content, design slides, play music, import religious text, and more. We at Good Christian Chat have chosen to review a few popular apps that are currently available.

MediaShout & MediaShout Bridge

Windows | Mac

 MediaShout is not only affordable, but there are a lot of positive factors that make it a good choice. It was also the first player in the church presentation space. MediaShout combines a robust set of presentation software features with 7-day-per-week support. No other church presentation software offers such a high degree of support for its users. It also includes free content with the license, coming with more than 2,500 songs with ready-to-go lyrics, and 67 free Bibles, which is more starter content than other option.

Since a lot of churches “graduate” to church presentation software from PowerPoint, it’s great to have an interface that helps PowerPoint users along. MediaShout does just that: the interface is built to be especially easy to understand and user friendly for PowerPoint users.

For churches who are already using PowerPoint but are not ready to transition to a new software solution, MediaShout Bridge is a simpler presentation software option. It is a PowerPoint plugin that gives churches some “middle ground” offering more features than PowerPoint, but less than the full-featured MediaShout package. This plugin works within an existing installation of PowerPoint, and turns it into a tool specifically for churches, giving users access to a variety of public domain songs and hymns to use.

With one single computer, these tools empower any church to make their worship richer, more stimulating, and more creative. Whatever you want to share with your congregation, MediaShout does it.



Mac | Windows

ProPresenter was developed by a team of people who love the church, and want to make it easier to do presentations. It is a lyric and media presentation package built specifically to make high-quality live productions easy, including worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or even broadcast television. It is one of the most widely-used software for church presentations, and in addition to being popular, has other unique features which set it apart. You can add additional software functionality by purchasing additional hardware modules, like a separate module that allows multiple screen presentations. ProPresenter doesn’t include as many Bible versions as MediaShout, but with 46 free Bibles, it still allows a great deal of options. There are also several mobile apps that different team members can download which helps with controlling the presentations.

Sharefaith Presenter

PowerPoint plugin

Sharefaith Presenter isn’t a standalone app, but a PowerPoint plugin that builds all the features a church needs right into PowerPoint, transforming it into a full-fledged Worship Presentation Software. It is simple and easy to use with powerful production features, reinventing PowerPoint through the plugin. Sharefaith Presenter allows you to directly add Scripture from the built-in NLT and ESV database, lets you add text over any video, build custom countdown timers, access the largest worship lyric database, create your own custom worship set and directly insert worship media and videos straight from Sharefaith.


iOS | Android | Windows | Mac

Church presentation software tends to be geared toward the worship leader. The team at Faithlife made Proclaim as a solution to give pastors more control over developing their presentations from their sermons. It integrates with CCLI SongSelect, Planning Center, Graceway Media, and Logos Bible Software. Proclaim puts everything your services needs on the screen, it is a cloud-based collaboration that lets your team work on the same presentation from anywhere. Proclaim also features mobile apps that can be used like a remote control to control presentations, which allows the presenters to send updates to congregation members who use other Logos apps on their phones.



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