How churches can benefit from Facebook

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May 28, 2020
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With billions of active users, Facebook and other social media platforms are ideal tools for churches to use for various purposes.

Whether you want to draw more attention to your church, interact with your churchgoers or promote your events, social media does the job.

Here is why.

Reach new people

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world, and it is fairly easy to get in touch with new people who might be interested in your church.

Facebook itself has a great search function that enables you to find individuals who, for instance, went to a specific school. That is useful for churches aiming to gain new members, as they thus can find people who went to Christian schools.

There are also plenty of Christian groups on Facebook where you can either post and promote yourself in a post, or you can contact members of the group with a private message.

You can get even more specific and hit the exact target group you are looking for by using the website PeopleFindThor. It Is currently unavailable due to changes made by Facebook, but once it is running again, you can add filters that will lead you to people who live in a specific place, works at a specific company and believes in a specific religion and much more. You can then easily find Christians in your neighborhood that you can reach out to.

Distribute information

Social media platforms are also great for sharing information with your followers and your potential new ones. You can, for instance, write about events going on in the church, special announcements, share links, Bible verses or whatever is relevant for your church.

People are then able to like, comment on and share what you publish, which can make even more persons see what you wrote. You can interact with people in the comments too.

Finally, you can boost your posts by putting a little money behind them. Boosting means that your posts will be promoted to a target group you choose yourself. It could, for instance, be women aged 40-50 living in New York City who like another church on Facebook.

Take advantage of Facebook’s features

When you have a Facebook site, you can do so much more than writing posts. The platform has a variety of different features, including Events, Groups and Live Streams.

All of these enables you to reach even further. You can, for instance, create a Facebook event for your Sunday service, invite people and let them share and invite even more. You can start a group for your congregation where you can distribute information and connect with your members.

With the live stream tool, you can broadcast your services live on Facebook and reach a wider audience.

These are just a few of the many advantages Facebook has.

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