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November 27, 2019
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Searching for that all in one solution that gives you the leverage to talk, text and chat with an unlimited number of people? Golive is the app you need. Download our App today and do a proper check of our brilliant features. Available on Android and iOS. Join the movers and shakers of international business and connect with partners around the globe. Close deals and connect with friends with this amazing app.

The GoLive app is great value and the best way to keep yourself connected

Why GoLive Meetings?

Being aware of the reality of a changing world is the catalyst for innovations.  In the hi-tech super speed world of today, things change very quickly. In order to keep up to date, we have to be ahead of the game. Attending important meetings can sometimes prove challenging. Meeting the challenges of modern society is the inspiration behind the GoLive App which is the next generation of platforms that aim to keep us all connected.

With cutting edge HD live streaming and video conferencing you will never need to miss important events. They may be connected to family, friends, church or business. Each moment is precious and the GoLive app is robust and reliable to support your needs.

The GoLive meetings app is simply incomparable In a world that is becoming more dependent on digital communication every day. What we know is efficient communication is key to reliable and increased production. There is a mobile application that helps you achieve more in less time with fewer costs.

Excellent value

GoLive app will enhance your life

Golive meetings App also comes with an enticing offer of a 14-day free subscription. Download Golive today and check out the app for yourself.

Designed to give you a classic experience it features slide presentations, live audio live visuals give you clarity in a virtual world. It accommodates all types of media including social media. You can hold all types of meetings, church meetings board meetings, and any others you have in mind. It is sturdy and portable and best of all it is easy to use.

What is more, you can invite unlimited amounts of participants so the possibilities on this app are amazing. With a flexible payment plan, you maximize the value.GoLive has got this covered. GoLive provides you with audio-only meetings, one-way video, two-way video, live streaming, and virtual conferencing.

GoLive meetings-the definitive virtual conferencing platform

Download the app today

*best for online meetings.

*unlimited number of participants.

* clear and user-friendly interface.

*suitable for all kinds of virtual conferences.

*Available now to download.

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