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November 28, 2019
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The search for online Christian shows now is one of the top searches all over the world. People of all religions and faith enjoy Christian programs for their inspiring words and wholesome themes. There are many channels offering a variety of programming from worship to discussion. You can also find movies and Tv series.

Some require to be downloaded via an app and some are available online. There are many options out there. The way we look for shows and series is evolving as more platforms are created to keep us entertained. Where can the Christian who is looking for a message that is eternal and relevant find it. Good Christian Chat has been looking at some of the options.

The Christian Broadcasting Network

It was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN )has been described as having been “at the forefront of the culture wars since the network’s inception in the early 1960s.”

The 700 Club is a popular Christian TV show

One of its most popular shows is called the 700 Club. It is a newspaper magazine style of a show which has a mix of live guests, testimonies, prayer, and music. This format has proved enduringly popular and it has been around since the network launched. You can find this online or on cable television in the USA.

GODVO Television Network

Advertising itself as ‘bringing the Snap Chat generation to God this online channel is one of many that are only available via a downloadable app. GODVO is a Southern California based television network looking for ‘a new way to bring the church to 2.3 Billion Christians worldwide.’

They aim to bring free personal TV channel that streams live content 24/7. They hope to work with churches worldwide and anyone who enjoys hearing the message of the Gospel. You can customize your watching experience and choose from programs about church, missions, music, kids, education, and ministries.

 LoveWorldplus TV

Some Christian channels are available online and via a downloadable app. LoveWorldplus TV has been ‘ the official voice of the LoveWorld nation and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ‘since 2010.  This channel has something for everyone from children’s shows to drama and sports reports.

There are daily shows with different ministering which are fun, informative and relevant. Start your day with ‘This Morning’ where the genial hosts are joined by gospel music stars and pastors to talk about topics of the day.

Wordification is a lively Christian chat show on LoveWorld TV plus

There are contemplative shows like ‘Wordification’ featuring gospel music star Sam Jamz and his friends discussing teachings from Pastor Chris that have inspired them. Younger viewers are encouraged to connect with this station especially at ‘Conte Corner’. You can learn about the stories in the Bible whatever your age.

We all enjoy being entertained whether on the TV, computer or on our phones. We are more connected to the world than in any previous generation. Discussions among friends and colleagues happen at a faster rate as we all have access to the news stories as they are breaking.

It is important to be well informed and with many Christian channels, we can keep the conversation elevated. Which one will you try first?

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