International Media Connectors Conference (IMCC)2019: How to Stay On Top Of The Evolving Social Media

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November 12, 2019
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In a fast-paced social media-driven world it is hard to keep up with the latest developments in technology. Sometimes we need to sit back and look at what powerful tools we have on our phones and computers. This week delegates at the IMMC in Lagos, Nigeria have been doing just that.

The IMCC is a weeklong conference to empower and educate the legions of new social media users and influencers at LoveWorld Inc. The lessons will influence the way you use social media in all sorts of evangelical missions. It is very easy to take the platforms we know for granted. There are countless apps that are underused because you must have a winning strategy when using these apps.

Delivering a super session at the IMMC 2019

What have delegates learned

The theme of the conference is “Leveraging On Evolving New Media Platforms.” Users and workers had a series of illuminating lectures on how to impact the social media forums specifically with the use of LoveWorld Inc apps and associated products.

Highly Esteemed Pastor Rita Ijomah welcomed the participants and introduced the keynote speakers at the opening session. CEO of the LoveWorld Nation, Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Philips highlighted a” sense of urgency in executing the ideas God has given to us as media connectors.”

Continued expansion of social media platforms

As one of the billions of social media users, we know that to stop innovating is to stop making progress. It is easy to become frustrated as we feel there are new updates that come out just as we have understood the initial setup. We are urged to master existing challenges quickly and develop new opportunities and devise strategies in which to use them.

What goes onto social media is important

Mr. Emmanuel Bonoko from South Africa led a fascinating session on” How to build an online brand”. He reminded us that we  “are a digital brand. Your content must always add value to your target audience and be well defined and consistent.” He urged people to put the right pictures in people’s mind and there is plenty of relevant material that has been developed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He encouraged us to use the archived materials from Rhapsody of Realities to create something that the world wants to hear.”.

Esteemed Pastor Richard Pena developed that idea in his inspiring lecture on ”A voice-first world.” If the world has “transitioned from click to touch and now to voice” he asked us to imagine a world where you only have to talk in order to get things done. He asked us to contemplate such a future.

In asking the question of what your sound evokes it makes us think and plan. If we understand our brand we will be able to leverage the emerging new media for strategic evangelism. The Christian uses the voice to win souls with a beautiful and timely brand.

IMCC 2019 Awards – thanking the organizers and recognizing achievements.

The reactions on KingsChat were immediate – such is the power of social media

Delegates took to the social media site to express their thanks and reflections.

“We are like the sons of Isaachar! We have a serious and strategic understanding of the times and seasons!!! Its time for eternal invasion into all the social spaces with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!!”

“Celebrating our super Sponsor for lavishly giving towards the IMCC 2019. Thank you, Esteemed Sir.”

“The virtual world is the largest continent and I am seizing it for Jesus. our message flooding every device. our mandate flooding every platform. our vision flooding every heart”

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