The 2018 IMCC: Christ Embassy Goes Digital

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November 13, 2018
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The industry of technology and social media is constantly growing. It affects our everyday life and changes the way we communicate. As one of the most influential Christian organizations in the world, Christ Embassy Church most certainly understands this.

To effectively spread a message, one has to take to social media platforms and fully utilize the endless possibilities of digital networking. To fully benefit from these tools, Christ Embassy has taken the initiative and created The International Media Connector Conference. The IMCC is as an integral part of the International Partners’ and Pastors’ Conference. The conference takes place during the IPPC between the 11th and 13th of November at the LoveWorld Arena Convocation in Lagos, Nigeria.

The conference is geared to teach the many delegates from the BLW network, how to best connect to their devotees and followers online. The conference includes lectures and workshops that all deal with media strategy, digital communication, social media networking, all the best church apps. and much, much more.

IMCC 2018 delegates

IMCC 2018 delegates

Auditorium filled with young and eager technologists

Experts speak on how to maximize an online presence.

The annual conference also welcomes many up and coming young net-workers in the field and every year manages to wow over 2000 delegates with its many feats.

IMCC delegates from Warri Ministry Centre.

IMCC delegates from Warri Ministry Centre.

The annual conference reflects the Christ Embassy’s accomplishments of the past year with gatherings, discussions, celebrations and numerous workshops. This IPPC of 2018, is of course no exception, with the ‘man of God’, Pastor Chris Oykahilome promising it to be “like none other”, adding that “it’s going to be extraordinary in every way, and you will see amazing things you never saw before. Hallelujah!” His public address aroused a major sense of hysteria, with devotees and congregants rejoicing in excitement for what is considered to be “the most impactful event of the year.”

The IPPC offers many more in a series of conferences, namely the International Pastors’ Conference, International Partners’ Conference, International Teens Pastors and Leaders Conference (ITPLC), Translators’ Network International Conference (TNIC), Loveworld Exhibition, Loveworld Archives, Loveworld Awards and the Loveworld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA), all of which “celebrate the many humanitarian, religious and cultural accomplishments of the Believers LoveWorld network. The IPPC is currently in session from November 12- 18 at the Lagos LoveWorld Convocation Arena.

For more updates, follow the event on Kingschat at #IPPC and #IMCC


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