Spreading the Virtual Word – The New Age of Christianity

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September 17, 2018
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It is no secret that countless millennials experience a great sense of social pressure to ‘stay connected’. Life without technology for most, especially those under 30 is completely unimaginable. Many people from previous generations express a great amount concern on the impact that it has on day to day human communication. Some see technology has a social burden, yet others view it has a key to something a little more positive.

A big part of Christianity is learning to incorporate spirituality into you everyday life. Here at Good Christian Chat, we strive to find new and innovative ways to bring technology into the world of Jesus and spirituality.

The world’s leading Christianity research institute Barna Group wanted to find about technology’s impact the gospel. They set out with the question “Has talking about faith become harder or easier in the digital age? How do our online habits impact Christians’ opportunities to speak about their beliefs or to share the gospel? As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, casual street ‘chit chat’ is on the decline resulting in people being less likely to open up. This can negatively affect a lot of people.

Engaging Differently

Much about the magic of the gospel is the eagerness of evangelists who love to engage with their fellow neighbors, passengers, or even just a random bystander. People need to find other means of getting their messages across. This is where social media is very helpful. According to the Barna Group findings, it was discovered (in a US study) that practicing Christians are far more likely to “share, identify and regularly discuss their beliefs” with others, in fact far more likely than secular Americans.

Christianity and social media

What Are Christian Americans Talking About?

In a report by Christian Today “Practicing Christians are more likely than social media users on average to mention faith in their social media activities, and they are significantly more likely to explicitly identify their religious beliefs in their profile (65% of practicing Christians vs. 54% of all adults) or in their profile picture (39% of practicing Christians vs. 30% of all adults).”

Christianity and social media

Overall, our day to day communication, without a doubt is drastically changing and technology is a central part in that. With access to countless social media countless platforms we have people can spread their messages with great ease. Social media is

a wonderful and efficient way to connect to people and it is becoming more and more evident that the worlds Christianity and Technology are intersecting. Technology touches every part of our lives these days, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the good, yet it is important to remember, when God closes one door, he opens another.


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