The New CeFlix is Out and it Looks Amazing

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December 25, 2018
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The new version of Ceflix is officially ready and is better than ever. The exclusive video platform that is dedicated to all the best content that Christ Embassy has to offer has a sleeker design and even more channels.

The Ultimate Celebrity Chef 2018

Every year in honor of the Loveworld President’s birthday, Pastor Chris, a special cook-off takes place. The challenge consists of 8 contestants, all of whom are the church’s most esteemed ministers. The 8 participants embark on a fun competition where only one winner can emerge as the official ‘The Celebrity Chef of the Year.’

Staff Can Sing

Christ Embassy is world-famous for its choir and mega-gospel stars, so it’s not at all surprising that it created one of the most entertaining singing competitions in the world. The channel was created rather recently but already is full of promising talent belting out some holy tunes.

Celebrity Chef with Pastor Chris

Celebrity Chef with Pastor Chris

Life Without Limbs

One thing that Ceflix is known for is the variety. It’s a ‘multi-flavored’ channel has a range of programs from music and entertainment, to serious discussions on scripture, to uplifting stories of extraordinary induvial. Life Without Limbs is an example of this. This short show is about a man coping with his disability and his incredible journey to self-love and even inspiring others.

Undercover Boss

This famous CBS reality show is now available on Ceflix. Every episode the series features a big corporate boss of a chosen company to don a disguise and go into the company as a low-level worker. The program has some beautiful moments, a such as the ‘big reveal’ where the boss rewards his often-hardworking employees. Sometimes though, there are some unlucky ones. The show teaches the value of mutual respect and hard work.

Healthy Zone

At the Healthy Zone, you can get the best advice on nutrition, all the best health tips and organize cleanses and insights on different what foods can best contribute to your wellness. The channel contains videos such as ‘5 Drinks to Cleanse The Kidneys and Improve Blood Circulation’, ’16 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Pineapples’, ’15 Health Benefits Of Sour-sop Leaves’ and much, much more.

Tune into the new Ceflix now and find your favorite show!

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