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March 9, 2020
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“Be inspired in your walk with Jesus Christ and grow in your knowledge of the Bible with videos highlighting inspirational messages and verses.” This is the strapline for ‘Godtube’. ‘Godtube’ is a Christian video sharing website that came to fruition and appeared online in 2007.  On its inception, it was the fastest-growing US website very soon in that year.

‘Godtube’ is maintained by Salem Web Network, which is in Virginia, USA. It has forged exclusive partnerships with Universal Music Group, Provident Label Group, Fair Trade Services, Dream Label Group, and select comedians and movie studios, to ensure subscribers have easy access to top-notch Christian music and entertainment.

Faith videos and sermons

Inspiration drawn from Scripture

Members are encouraged to visit the free site often to be encouraged and to grow in faith. There are daily devotionals to expand your knowledge. You might choose a ministry or worship videos to uplift your soul. There was one devotional that encourages the reader to pray for the faith of your teen. It is a reflective and encouraging piece with some soothing graphics. There is also a place to find inspiring graphics and quotes.

When you want to grow in your understanding of the Gospel you can find a sermon to edify your soul. Some preachers have more than one video uploaded for an immersive experience. There is also a section where you can find all the chapters of the Bible for quick reference. Some verses are also culled into thematic areas like Holy Spirit, animals or dancing.

Social media will connect Christians

What is also a good feature of this site is it has a feeling of community. There is a button to press so you can upload your videos share with the Christian community. This is a great way for you to share your wisdom and understanding. This site encourages feedback and wants you to reach out to and let them know how they are doing.

Music for the soul

Well, this is an environment to find new music videos on the web. ‘Godtube’ has premiered original music content. Some examples include BarlowGirl’s “Sing Me a Love Song” music video and COLMANblue’s “Hey (Not Worth the Worry) single. There are also beautiful explanations of popular hymns which include renditions of them. Some are uploads of future Gospel ministers.


There are many versions of popular songs and hymns all put on this site. There was a rendition of Psalm 23 that was accompanied by some moving and yet pertinent graphics. You will be able to listen to what inspires other Christians. Browse the extensive artiste list and find something new today.

Movies for the family

There are trailers for upcoming movies with Christian themes and content here. It is a great way to find family entertainment that you might not be aware of.

Sometimes you want to smile so there are some of the best comedy online here. Or you might be simply looking for cute or inspirational videos. There was a cute video of a girl reading the Bible to her cat. There is something so sweet about the relationship between a girl and her pet and seeing her read the Bible is adorable.

‘Godtube’ is a great place to browse Christian content, you can find new inspiring content that will make you smile or take you further on your spiritual journey. With so many avenues to explore ‘Godtube’ is a great place to start looking for Christian content.

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