Netflix And Chill With The Best Christian Movies

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March 17, 2020
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Are you stuck for something thought-provoking to watch on Netflix? Christian movies often meet with mixed reception from the critics but here at Good Christian Chat, we have found three thought-provoking movies that tackle diverse Christian issues. Each movie will entertain and raise questions.

An Interview With God

For Paul, someone giving up their faith, meant that they gave up in life. This movie shows Paul’s relationship with God in its fullest and rawest. Paul’s marriage is falling apart after his trip back from Afghanistan affected him. His faith is challenged, and time may be running out. He is offered a journalistic challenge, a chance to interview a man claiming to be God.

Breanna Cooper of ‘Letterbox’ said, “What is most striking about the film is the careful-perhaps deliberate-balance between being preachy and appealing to the secular. Yes, it’s a movie about God and the role of God and religion in our daily lives. God-or The Man, depending on your take on the film-was all-knowing and able to communicate with Paul without speaking a word. The film was filled with biblical references, and it was expressed throughout the film that “God is love.” Despite being focused on God, the film is beautifully human. The dialogue between Paul and The Man sounds less like a conversation between a deity and a mortal, and more like two old friends amid a bitter disagreement, struggling to see one another’s point of view.”

I’m in Love with A Church Girl

Love is full of wonder

This movie features an ex-drug dealer who battles with staring a new life. He is motivated to do so after he meets a devout Christian girl.  He learns to trust in the church will accept him.

Miles learns that God wants everyone to come to Him as they are. Furthermore, he is challenged to leave his old life behind, to become the devout man that Vanessa needs him to be.

The Dove Foundation concluded the film was “the story of a man that falls in love with a woman and one of a man realizing that God loves him. This movie is timely, contemporary, yet shares a wonderful old message: God can change people’s lives! It features fine actors and a terrific theme centering on God’s forgiveness and love as well as the love between a man and a woman.”

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness



So often we are reminded what the church is against, rather than what it’s for. In this movie, we encounter a pastor who is challenged by his community as to whether a church should stay on campus.

After the church is the victim of arson and other attacks, the pastor is forced to fight back by showing others the love of Christ. This movie is a motivation to everyone about being the light in trouble times. This move shows we are all challenged by our faith, in order to show God how strong we stand by His side.

This is the third in a series of films with the theme that God is not dead. The movie opens the challenges of some timely issues. The question do we fight for our Christian faith is raised.  Should there be a time that backing off and pursuing another plan is preferable? There is no doubt that we need the help of others to navigate the ups and downs of our lives. The question of what we do when God seems to ignore our question is explored. This movie takes a serious look at these questions and must be seen to be appreciated.

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