The Big World of Christian Apps

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May 3, 2020
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It’s a big world out there when it comes to Christian apps­ and it turns out that prayer and smartphone habits go well together.

The American public is becoming less religious and less likely to attend church than in decades past, according to research like the Pew study released last month. But for Christians looking to spread the faith, there’s been a recent bright spot: apps that can put the Bible in the pockets of millions, plus open the door for new and potentially more habitual forms of prayer and meditation. It’s not always practical to carry a Bible around and most people are on their phones a lot throughout the day, so having the entire Bible readily available to read on your phone is really handy.

Just as most of us no longer get our news from print, those who read the Bible are opening an app rather than carrying the physical thing.

Evangelical Christianity is very interested in cultural relevance, Church services have been streaming online ever since the technology was made available, especially now in times of a global pandemic where social distancing and quarantining has been legislated, Christians are increasingly adapting to existing cultural norms. In the quest to live quantified lives, we can set reminders for ourselves to exercise, eat well, and now, to pray. And it makes sense, if we think of the spiritual life as a discipline, that it could benefit from some of the same techniques that have reimagined the way people approach fitness.

Bible memory apps

From Good Christian Chat we have chosen two apps, BibleMinded and Verses, that focus on Scripture memorization using various memory techniques.


iOS | Android

The BibleMinded app from the American Bible Society focuses on giving you the tools you need to memorize the verses you want, and as many of those verses as you want. Its memory plans and self-tests help you commit Scripture to memory and know for sure that you’ve got it down pat.

The American Bible Society describes BibleMinded as an app built for those interested in committing sections of Scripture to memory, and it enables you to study important Bible passages. With BibleMinded you can search, customize and add your own verses, pick from one of the memory plans and memorize the Bible using four different and inspiring study modes.  You can also track your progress by using the test yourself memory test and if you choose, BibleMinded will send out reminders when it’s time to study again.





Memorizing scripture doesn’t need to be so difficult. Verses has gamified Scripture memory, giving you five different low-energy mini games for memorizing Bible passages. Verses has lined up pre-set memory plans, and the social element of Verses allows authors, churches, professors, and other organizations to contribute content for helping people memorize the Bible.

There are plenty of memory apps to choose from, but we’ve chosen Verses because of its design. It’s an appealing interface, which encourages you to come back again and again to memorize Scripture.


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